Leak detection and repair


Queens Plumbing and Heating Contractor will provide a quick repair for beneath the slab leaks on the hot & cold domestic water lines and sanitary sewer system lines. If you have a hot spot on your floor, wet spots on the floor, a high water bill, or hear water running you may have what is known as a slab leak. A clogged sewer line blockage found under the slab foundation may be the cause of a broken sanitary sewer pipe beneath your concrete floor.

Queens Plumbing and Heating Contractor has over years of experience performing leak detection and slab leak repairs in the New York using the latest leak detection, line tracing and sewer camera equipment. Once the leak location and isolation testing is done, Queens Plumbing and Heating Contractor can repair, service or re-route your leaking sewer or domestic water line. Our repairs usually require jack hammer of access hole(s), tunneling or re-routing.

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