Plumbing installation


A Massapequa Plumbing Construction Co is to connect straight pipe or tubing sections and to adapt to different sizes and shapes in pipe and plumbing systems. Fittings are typically manufactured out of brass, aluminum, plastic, PVC or copper, and the types commonly used by registered plumbers include elbows, tees, crosses, couplings, caps and unions. Plumbing fittings are required to install all water supply and waste drainage lines, including the pipes that connect fixtures and appliances.

Every Massapequa Plumbing Construction Co Contractor is a registered plumber to ensure your plumbing fitting or installation work is done correctly the first time. In the kitchen we can quickly install a new dishwasher or kitchen sink, extending water supply and waste drainage lines where necessary, as well as connect a replacement in sinkerator or stove. In the laundry we can connect washing machines and install laundry tubs.

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